Balance Power Systems has discontinued electricity supply services.  The electricity market is non-competitive and we are unable to provide a reasonable service. 

The primary focus for integrating renewable energy should be using renewables the instance they generate and there is mature technology to enable it, in particular: dual fuel heat and ice thermal storage.  Dual fuel heat uses both a fossil fuel and electricity for heating your home.  Wind energy peaks during the heating season.  When there is significant wind energy on the grid, a dual fuel heater will use electricity for heat, and when the wind doesn't blow, it uses a fossil fuel for heat (natural gas, propane, oil, wood, etc.).  Additionally, ice thermal storage can shift the peak in the air conditioning load from late afternoon to the solar generation peak around 1:00pm.  About 2/3rds of a home's energy is thermal energy (heat, hot water, & air conditioning).  Addressing the thermal loads will make the biggest impact and heat is easy to generate meanwhile cool is easy to store.

Even more basic than using mature technology for heating & cooling our homes, industry & government are too susceptible to corruption to achieve any long term social or environmental stewardship.  The more we depend on individuals & our local community and the less we depend on industry & government, then the less power and influence we give to the jerk population.  Our purchases are powering income inequality.  Floods, famines, nuclear/biological/chemical weapons, killer drones and similar threats will not enable us to retreat to our communities & ignore the rest of the world.  But just because our communities can't be fully independent doesn't mean we can't be more independent.  We need to shift our focus from "how much it cost" to "where does the money go".