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Balance Power Systems is
Making renewables cost competitive and
Enabling households to control energy costs

Balance Power Systems is a company of engineers addressing longterm needs instead of return on investment. Purchasing renewable energy credits (RECs) is a short term economic incentive for renewable generators. Long term success will require using renewables the instance they are generating and making them cost competitive with conventional generation. We are non-profit and we are doing the ground work to enable households to save money while using renewables.

The tools and techniques needed to achieve sustainability longterm are valuable today for reducing the cost of electricity by shifting our load to the inexpensive off-peak. Fixed rate plans have peak usage & pricing assumptions rolled into them and do not provide households the ability to reduce the most expensive electricity. Because two thirds of the annual cost of electricity result from 10% of our usage, reducing your usage in the peak has tremondous potential to reduce your annual costs. Load shifting can be done to varying degrees depending on your enthusiasm. Some methods are within reach today and easy to implement while others have a longer lead time and an initial investment.

PEPCO has recently enabled residential hourly billing and households who want to control their destiny can finally do so. We bill you at the hourly price and give you the ability to capture the lows in the market. Buying down a fixed rate longterm is protection against price spikes, however, fixed rates assume a certain peak usage and have peak pricing rolled into them. Furthermore, fixed rates disguise system costs instead of reducing them and similar to uncontrolled costs in health care increasing health insurance premiums, fixed rates will increase with uncontrolled use in the peak. Take control of your usage and take control of your cost.

Although BGE has rolled-out smart meters and make hourly usage data available to customers and suppliers, they are not using hourly data for settlement in the wholesale market. Currently, if we offered off-peak rates to BGE customers we would have to pay on-peak prices in the market. Any load reduction or load shifting is limited exclusively to BGE's Smart Energy Rewards program. Contact BGE and the Public Service Commission to let them know you want the full benefit from managing your load and you want the price responsive demand market open to all suppliers.

Our pricing is simple: your wholesale cost +5% overhead with all proceeds invested in renewable integration and community outreach (MD Wholesale +5%).

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